Diagnocity Titanium

Tests Included: General Labs, Micronutrients, Hormones, Thyroid & Adrenals, Heavy Metals, Genetic look at diet/eating & cardiovascular risk, Cadiometabolics, CIMT, ECHO, EKG, Food Allergies, Gut Pak, and an at home or office blood draw if desired.

This is the most comprehensive analysis available and includes all 10 panels offered by Diagnocity. We will expand the specific elements tested in the gold package as well as provide a look at the microbial balance in your gut.  The personalized book provided to you will include your nutritional, metabolic, hormonal, cardiovascular, microbiological and genomic traits.  This will provide for you, actionable data and recommendations based upon your analysis that can be immediately used to improve how you feel and how you perform!


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